Додаткові послуги компанії Romanow Web Studio
We have a comprehensive approach, which is why we have additional services: technical support for sites, site optimization, site audit, site transfer, hosting settings.

Додаткові послуги від компанії - Romanow Web Studio

Additional services of Romanow Web Studio


What is included in additional services?

Technical support of sites (we provide technical support for all our projects)
Site optimization (we optimize your site for fast and smooth operation)
Site audit (we will check your site and offer recommendations)
Site migration (for example, from Tilda to Wordpress)
Hosting setup (if you order website development services, hosting setup is free)

Why WordPress?
CMS WordPress is the most popular international platform, free of charge, on which about 70% of sites around the world are built. First of all, WordPress is not a constructor, it is a tool that allows you to manage your site independently

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