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Targeted advertising
Professional setting of Facebook advertising is the key to its effectiveness.
  • high conversion;
  • works even without a site;
  • flexible settings;
  • ability to accurately select the audience.

Таргетована реклама Київ та область - Romanow Web Studio

Targeted advertising in Kyiv and the region

Social networks have long ceased to be just entertainment. Today, it is a powerful business tool used even by large companies. Targeted advertising in Kyiv and the region is a great way to advertise your products and services on Facebook, Instagram and other popular social networks.

Why order target advertising

Targeted advertising has many advantages over other ways of business promotion:

But all this is relevant only if advertising is correctly configured and fully supported. The company Romanow Web Studio undertakes the Facebook advertising of Borshchahivka. Advertising in social networks is our specialty and we know our work very well.

High quality and affordable

Professional setting up of Facebook advertising in Vyshnevo is a guarantee of its effectiveness. Our web studio will perform a qualified adjustment of all parameters and make sure that every invested advertising penny works with full effect.

Romanow Web Studio practices an individual approach to each client and offers flexible prices. With us, turnkey targeted advertising in Belogorodka is quite inexpensive.


What is targeted advertising?
Targeted advertising is advertising on social networks such as: Facebook and Instagram. We adjust such advertising according to the main criteria: interests, professions, fields of activity, location, gender, age...
Also, for such advertising, creatives are needed, which our designers develop individually according to needs with the necessary message.

Who is targeted advertising for?
It is easier to describe for whom it will not be suitable, because there are not so many restrictions for advertisers.
The main directions that are not suitable for targeting:
- gambling (casino)
- betting (bets)
- crypto (exchanges and exchangers)
- alcohol
- tobacco
- goods 18+
- counterfeits of well-known brands
- medical preparations

How much does it cost and what is the advertising budget?

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