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Logo design
Logo development is, without exaggeration, a complex creative process that requires professional skills and knowledge, talent and creativity.
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Розробка логотипу в Києві та області - Romanow Web Studio

Logo development Kyiv, Ukraine

Developing a logo in Vyshnevo, Kyiv or Lviv is, without exaggeration, a complex creative process that requires professional skills and knowledge, talent and creativity. Creating a logo is difficult, because for this you need to take into account not only all the visual images of the company, its development vector, strengths and weaknesses, but also market trends, identifying the needs and desires of customers, the image of the target audience.

Creating a logo in Kyiv and the region is the first step in the formation of a corporate style, which is the specification of the Romanow Web Studio team. Our experts know how to make your logo original and attractive, easy to understand and stand out. After all, only high-quality and professionally performed work guarantees the fulfillment of the most important tasks logo:

When creating a logo (Borshchagivka, Kyiv, Vyshneve) for your company, we use the acquired knowledge and experience, but we are creative every time, creating something new, modern, relevant. We know the mistakes to avoid, as well as techniques to make your logo stand out. Together we will definitely create a masterpiece. Want to try it?

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What is a logo?
A logo is a trademark with which customers associate a brand. The logo should not describe the field of activity: Apple does not sell apples, and Starbucks does not sell mermaids, but these brands are known to everyone.

A logo cannot be recognizable by itself - the more people see the logo on different media, the faster they remember it. Therefore, it is not enough to have a good logo, it is also important to use it correctly. In addition, the logo must be legible without losing detail, both on a small business card and on an advertising banner.

What are the types of logos?
There are three main types of logos:

iconic — is a brand symbol, a special sign, an emblem

font is just text without symbols, without images and shapes

combined — consists of text and a graphic sign.

Why do you need a logo?
The logo always works for the image of the company. It establishes visual contact with the consumer. It will help to visualize certain features, traits and advantages of the brand. Ideally, it is implemented together with the corporate style.

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