Що таке cookie (кукі) файли чи кеш сайтів

What are cookies?

Cookies and site cache are small text files that store information...
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What are cookies or site caches?

Cookies and site cache are small text files that store information about
your online activities. They are located in a folder on the computer’s hard drive or in
permanent memory of the smartphone. When you log in to your mailbox or account
recording of a social network and you are not asked for a password, then you can thank cookies for that

What tasks do cookies solve?

Cookies can remember data for authorization. They are excellent helpers
users when solving a wide variety of tasks. Among the most important functions
of these files it is worth mentioning the following:

  • remember the user’s preferences, for example, the language, currency or font chosen by him once;
  • remember the products added to the online store basket;
  • save the text previously entered on the site;
  • cookie files remember the date and time of visiting the Internet resource;
  • store the user’s IP address and geolocation.

And this is far from a complete list, simply listing would take too much time.

Cookies and security

It is well known that the cache of the site with cookie files containing information useful to us, by itself
they do not hide threats. They do not know how to run programs and do not interact with the operating room system But it is a completely different thing if they are stolen.

Cookies are in the hands of a cybercriminal
can become an effective tool for harming the user.

A stolen cache can open access to your mail, accounts and even data
bank card. Also, attackers can track your actions at different times. Methods
There are many ways to steal cache, and its developers are not sitting idly by either.

The information contained in the cache is encrypted, and the transfer of files when using them
is carried out using the secure HTTPS protocol. The whole problem is that
Cookie protection is the responsibility of the website owner. Users can only hope
that everything is set up correctly on the other side.

Clearing the cache

You can prevent the browser from storing cookies or clean them periodically
through its settings. Before you clear the cache of the site, think. Maybe,
you don’t remember any passwords, because you’ve been accessing mail and forums automatically for a long time.
After cleaning, this and many other options will be unavailable.

However, sometimes you will have to clear the cache, because it can grow to dangerous sizes.
Once every 2-3 months, you should devote a little time to this matter. Important when deleting
choose the right cookies that you want. Usually this is the “logins and passwords” item, a check box
before which it is best to remove in the browser settings before cleaning.

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