Що таке SEO? Як підняти сайт в ТОП Google ?

What is SEO?

How to raise a site to the TOP of Google?
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Owners of Internet resources who want to turn their site into an online sales channel and a source of new customers will sooner or later be interested in this strange “promotion” and “promotion” of the site on the network, its “optimization”.

Whatever you call it, it’s all about SEO or Search Engine Optimization. But what is SEO in simple terms?

Why do you need SEO optimization?

For a business, it is important not to have a website in itself, but to optimize it and high positions in search results. After all, only this will ensure good site traffic, a constant influx of new customers, and hence sales and business development.

There are two ways to ensure top positions in the search engine results: firstly, paid contextual or targeted advertising that works while you pay, and secondly, using SEO, which has a long-term effect, but also requires some effort, time.

SEO is a set of measures consisting of internal and external website optimization aimed at bringing a resource to the top positions of search engines for a long time. In fact, getting to the issuance of search engines is not difficult, but will the client find you on the 10th page in the search engine, because without SEO, that’s where you will get to?! Only those lucky ones who got on the first page of the so-called “Top 10” have a real chance to get a visitor. This is where everyone should strive to get to.

What is included in internal website optimization? This work consists of optimizing the pages of the site and their content, working with tags and meta tags, creating internal links between pages, that is, everything that will improve the visibility of the resource for search engines.
What is included in the external optimization of the site? Working with other resources, increasing the number and quality of links on other people’s sites, analyzing competitors. This also includes working with reviews, maps on other resources.

What does an SEO specialist do?

In his work, an SEO specialist performs a technical audit of a resource, forms its semantic core, analyzes competitors, deals with the quality and uniqueness of the site content, and builds up a mass of external links. That is, the SEO specialist develops a strategy for the development of the site and in every possible way contributes to its promotion and optimization.

As you can see, everyone needs SEO today. Only a business whose customers simply do not use the Internet can ignore it.

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