Development of Online Stores on Shopify

Development of Online Stores on Shopify

Why is Shopify better than others?
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Shopify is a simple and convenient platform for e-commerce that combines all the necessary tools in one place: an online store, analytics, inventory management, CRM, and multichannel marketing. Today, it is the most popular website management system in the world, with more than two million stores successfully operating on this platform.

The main feature and significant advantage of Shopify is its ease of use and its tools, allowing you to create your own site even without programming experience. Although the system is simple, it is also very functional: it allows you to manage the store, configure the catalog, set product prices, edit content, implement payment gateways, use modern widgets, utilize a dropshipping system, and more. Essentially, anyone can create an online store on Shopify in Kyiv, Vyshneve, or Kryukivshchyna, and manage and sell with it, even a grandmother knitting great socks.

There are about ten tariff plans to choose from, allowing you to select the best option for your business’s specifics, advertising budget, number of products, and desired options and features. Therefore, website development on Shopify in Kyiv or the Kyiv region is relevant for both a small startup, where the minimal monthly payment of $29 will be a pleasant bonus, and a solid online store with an assortment of 1000 items.

Shopify Concept

Even small and medium businesses today use various marketplaces and multiple sales channels. This is especially true for large players. Such simultaneous sales and advertising of goods and services through various marketplaces, a personal website, and social networks require more attention from the entrepreneur – constantly monitoring the relevance of information and prices on all channels, more interaction with customers, managing shipments and financial transactions, etc. This takes a lot of time and effort.

The Shopify platform offers a new, convenient solution to this problem. It combines popular sales channels in one place, creating a base where various modern business tools are developed and operated. Moreover, if you are missing something, you can integrate the tool you need for promotion into the trading platform. Thus, it is a multi-level platform-service where, depending on your needs, financial capabilities, and business specifics, you can use only one service or many, gradually adding what you need.

Who should create an online store on Shopify?

Initially, Shopify was created for small and medium-sized businesses that want to enter the online sales market or strengthen their existing position, increase sales levels, and overall profitability. However, recently, the platform has added many features to interest large online businesses and the B2B segment. That is, today customers have all the opportunities for growth and development with the Shopify system – they can start with the simplest rates and features, gradually subscribing to better, more advanced functions and services.

Thus, developing an online store on Shopify in Vyshneve, Brovary, or other cities in Ukraine will be relevant for anyone who wants to:

  • launch a site as quickly as possible and manage it easily;
  • have access to the Ukrainian and global e-commerce market;
  • have a stylish product catalog with modern design capabilities;
  • combine multiple sales channels in one place, i.e., manage sales through marketplaces, contextual advertising, social networks, etc.

Why is Shopify better than other e-commerce platforms?

  1. Speed and accessibility. The ability to create a store for various tasks and needs in a relatively short time, at an affordable cost. Suitable for beginners and capable of providing many opportunities for large companies.
  2. Simple management with an intuitive admin panel. That is, an entrepreneur can independently create a resource and manage sales, and Shopify site advertising in Sofiivska Borshchahivka, Vyshneve, or Kyiv is available.
  3. No need to register hosting. Your resource will work on cloud hosting, independent of the provider and its servers.
  4. A wide range of templates. Over 70 paid and free templates are available, with high-quality, up-to-date design, mobile-friendly adaptation, SEO optimization, and a built-in editor.
  5. Many plugins and apps that expand the functionality of the online store and business opportunities. Additional options allow you to manage inventory, advertise on social networks, connect online chat, and other features.
  6. Convenient Shopify Payments system (no transaction fees) and the ability to connect other payment systems, such as PayPal, Stripe (fees apply).
  7. Business scalability. You can start with the minimum plan and upgrade as needed, adding many plugins and features for an additional fee. Everything works seamlessly.
  8. Versatility – no problem finding a developer or professional to help with complex tasks, upgrade the system, or provide support. Almost everyone works with Shopify.
  9. Free trial period – two weeks. During this time, the entrepreneur can configure the system. After the trial, you need to choose a tariff plan and pay for it.

Interested in website development or web design on Shopify? Want to create profitable advertising campaigns in Kyiv, the region, or throughout Ukraine and beyond? Contact our company for professional assistance and settings. Professionally, effectively, affordably!

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