Як обрати якісний хостинг?

How to choose quality hosting?

High-quality hosting is the key to success
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Як вибрати хостинг, який працює? Поради експертів

In simple words, hosting is the rental of capacities and space on servers for hosting and storing a site on them, that is, information from its pages (text, video and audio content). Servers have constant access to the Internet, they are placed in special storages owned by hosting providers or individual service organizations.

Additionally, beginners in this field should understand the concept of a domain. The domain is the name of the site displayed in the top line of the browser. If you plan to develop a business with reference to a specific country, our experts recommend choosing an address by region. Interested in creating a project with the prospect of entering a foreign market? It makes sense to use international or thematic domains that make it easier to find a resource on the web.

Experts recommend buying a domain along with hosting, because it saves time. You will not need to purchase a domain from a registrar, and then go through the process of linking it to a hosting. However, if they were bought separately, this is not a problem.

Hosting Secrets

When choosing a company offering hosting, it is important to understand its history, reputation, and features of its activities. The main indicator of a reliable partner is a stable website, which contains the full amount of necessary information, including up-to-date contact information. The important presence of a 24-hour support service helps in the prompt resolution of technical problems.

Plus: reputable companies offer to test hosting for free. The minimum period is a week, ideally 30 days. During this period, you can figure out how the site functions after placement, its uninterrupted operation, you can evaluate the work of the support service in a real format.

In order to choose the right hosting, it is important to check the technical characteristics of the resource. First of all, we are talking about planned traffic. For a minimum load, a virtual option is suitable. Cloud hosting – solutions for online stores and other sites with high traffic. Additionally, you should evaluate the features of the CRM system, the amount of content and the type of platform used.

When choosing the optimal tariff, experts recommend correctly assessing the development prospects. Alternative option: get acquainted in advance with the possibility of switching to a more modern tariff, which will help reduce initial costs.

Why you should not work with cheap hosting?

The low cost of hosting is reflected in the operation of the site, the quality of technical support and the scope of functions. There may be problems with the reliability of work and data security, which makes the resource open to hacker attacks.
In addition, cheap hosting puts forward a number of restrictions on sites that exclude the possibility of free updating of information and the introduction of SEO promotion tools.

Hosting at an affordable price

Interested in a job offer at an adequate price? Romanow Web Studio cooperates only with proven companies that provide customers with quality services at an affordable cost. The result of this is hosting, the stability and reliability of which we have seen since 2018.

We recommend the services of our partner – HostPro hosting provider to our clients. Due to the versatility of the provider’s offers, it is possible to choose the best case for start-up entrepreneurs and representatives of large businesses, and in case of expansion, change the tariff to a more advanced one. We value the trust of our customers, therefore we recommend only companies with which we cooperate ourselves.


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