Чому сайт не відображається в пошуку Гугл

Why is the site not displayed in Google search?

If the wrong website promotion strategy was chosen...
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Чому сайт не відображається в пошуку Гугл

Nowadays, the number of sites on the Internet is simply skyrocketing, and every owner of an Internet resource wants his page to be one of the first to be displayed on the network, because such a site will have more chances to successfully promote its product or service. But sometimes it happens that potential clients and the owner of the resource cannot find the profile on the network. Why is the site not displayed in Google Kyiv region, Vyshneve, Bilhorodka, Boyarka, Borshchahivka? Let’s consider the simplest and most common reasons.

Reasons for the disappearance of the Internet resource from issuance

If the wrong strategy was chosen for the promotion of the Internet site, it may end up in a ban, that is, receive sanctions from the search engine. Then Google will not index the site, which means that it will be absent from the organic issue.

There are three most common reasons why an online resource can be blocked by a search engine:

  1. Too many key phrases in the text (cluttering).
  2. Useless content or spam (a type of search spam).
  3. Backlinks of poor quality.

You can check whether a site has been sanctioned in SearchConsole under the “Security issues and manual measures” menu. If the filter in this section is not active, the reason for low indexing may be a technical problem on the side of the search engine. Eliminating such problems is the task of technical support.

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