ChatGPT – штучний інтелект

ChatGPT – artificial intelligence

Chat GPT - Generative Pre-trained Transformer - Chatbot with artificial intelligence.
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ChatGPT – штучний інтелект

The Chat GPT chatbot was introduced to the world community by the manufacturing company OpenAI in November 2022, and since then everyone has been talking about it. However, let’s try to understand in more detail what this technology really is – an ordinary “parrot” that talks, or artificial intelligence that can take away your work in the future?

What can Chat GPT do, what makes it special?

This chatbot with artificial intelligence is built on GPT technology, interpreted as a Generative Pre-trained Transformer – a neural network that works as a generative data model for the transformer architecture. That is, not in the literal sense of intelligence, but a neural network, the algorithms of which are similar to the work of the human brain, has access to a very large amount of data. It can analyze, compare, search for a network, but it does not have consciousness, is not capable of thinking, having emotions.

ChatGPT has an advanced model of human language processing, so it perfectly understands what is said and written, and can also respond independently by generating texts. She is especially good at it in English. In addition, the chatbot can write computer programs, and even write codes in several languages at the same time, using JavaScript, Java, Python, Ruby, C++, Go, etc. And such programs function in most cases, but often have errors.

You may ask how Chat GPT is different from, for example, Google Assistant, Siri Assistant or other neural networks? Indeed, these assistants can also find answers to any questions and give you answers to them. However, ChatGPT is able not only to issue a ready answer, but also to generate it, to make a new own text. So, the GPT chatbot is more advanced today, it can produce new content, write programs, which can affect the labor market, especially from the creation of an intelligent product. It can both replace workers in hundreds of professions and create new jobs, a new branch of the economy.

Is everything so good? Can a chatbot replace a human?

Today’s ChatGPT is only a demo version that operates on data up to 2020. The OpenAI company paid a lot of attention to the ethical component of the issue, so a chatbot cannot yet replace a person, as well as help fraudsters and criminals (the topics related to weapons, crime, and financial instruments are quite limited). What the action of the OpenAI product is aimed at is to help a person, to try to replace him in boring, mechanical work.

It is very attractive for business, because there is an opportunity to fire part of the employees. For example, call center operators, consultants. ChatGPT will be as knowledgeable, professional, friendly as a human being, will follow all instructions without question, will be available 24/7.

Also, this neural network is able to write unique simple texts, computer programs. Will there be errors? Yes, of course it is possible. However, people make mistakes, and sometimes it doesn’t matter much. It is worth noting that Stack Overflow – a popular platform for programmers (250 million visitors per month) has banned answering ChatGPT questions, because it does not have the ability to check each of them to exclude errors. That is, they do exist, and there are many of them.

Will he be able to replace a professional programmer, writer or artist? Unlikely. Talented, professional specialists will always be in demand. So, evolve. And you can evaluate the quality and functionality of Chat GPT yourself, because from February 18 it is available to users from Ukraine.

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